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“Encore Systems blends together a team of Technology and Business experts to offer you an un-compromised level of expertise. This combined with reasonable development costs, makes Encore Systems the partner of choice.”


Food Alert

Fact is a Software as a service web application that is used for maintaining food quality of different restaurants and hotels.

Fact provide guidance in preparing for EHO inspections and assistance with action points. It also allows you to access your online training platform where you can manage your bookings, training points, staff progress and much more



Customer Relation Management Systems integrate all the primary business activities. This makes every day business processes much more efficient. Customer Relation Management Systems can process a companies use to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective customers. CRMs store all customer data in a single database and this helps businesses avoid customer data errors. It can also improve services for customers to use customer contact information for target markets.


Volkswagen PowerPoint plugin

ES-Charts is a powerful charting software that integrates with Microsoft Office PowerPoint. ES-Charts provides many features for making chart creation easy, accurate and quick. ES-Charts helps consultants, business teams, higher management to make simple charts with rich business information

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" A place where we translate your principles into practice with the latest technologies and techniques available. We assure that each product, that we help build, is rated as the best in terms of functionality, reliability, productivity and scalability."